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1, A mechanistic investigation of Biginelli reaction under base catalysis.

Tetrahedron Letters, v.52, no.28, July 2011, p.3605 (4). Jayan Rapai

2. Understanding the fragmentation pathways of few Potential genotoxic halo amine Isomers in their protonated form by Collision Induced dissociation- J. of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, Vol. 56, 5 Dec 2011, 721-727

3. A facile synthesis of 3-aryl/alkyl amino 5 Aryl/Alkyl 1,2,4-oxadizoles from Acyl Thiourea- Tetrahedron Letters, v.52, no.46, 2011 Nov 16, p.6170 (4) (ISSN: 0040-4039) , Jayan Rapai et al.

4.  Development of Scalable Manufacturing Routes to AZD1981. Application of the Semmler–Wolff Aromatisation for Synthesis of the Indole-4-amide Core. Org. Process Res. Dev., 2012, 16 (11), pp 1746–175.


• “Application of Mass Spectrometry in Pharmaceutical Analysis” A lectures to Post graduate students, Indian Academy, Hennur, and Bangalore.
• “Application of High Resolution Tandem Mass Spectrometry for Structure Elucidation” A lectures to Post Graduate Students in RMKV College, Bangalore.


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