TPM/Oxycodone topical patch to combat neuropathic pain in large companion animals relieved all racehorses within two days in an initial study, the company said May 21.

The Australian company focuses on developing topical gels using its targeted penetration matrix delivery technology based on vitamin E phosphate. Earlier this year, the system was used by Novartis ($NVS) to launch a topical gel in India designed to treat pain associated with osteoarthritis, rheumatism and associated injuries.

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An inquisitive analytical scientist with >10 years of industrial experience in Chemical and pharmaceutical field and proven ability to advance drug discovery and drug development projects. Strong expertise in mass spectrometry based characterization and quantitation for solving problems related to small molecules. Expert in chromatographic method development and validation using HPLC (UV/MS) and GC. Proven record in polymorph characterization.

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