Developing the Process

Hi there, folks.  It has been a while since I blogged.  I decided that I would continue once again and share some of the references that I came across while perusing the journals, while using the free blog-hosting services that are available.  This particular post was something I came across while looking at some stocks online.  I was searching taking a look at Celgene (CELG) stock and came across this discussion regarding the tricky world of patent litigation and more specifically, its application to matters concerning crystal form and polymorphism.  Having worked both sides of generic and brand-name pharma, I am interested in how this case will work out.

I know that this article’s subject matter is on the periphery of what is involved in developing a process.  I have worked on crystallizations and been concerned with polymorph control, so this is a textbook case, that is current, about patent…

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About jayanrappai

An inquisitive analytical scientist with >10 years of industrial experience in Chemical and pharmaceutical field and proven ability to advance drug discovery and drug development projects. Strong expertise in mass spectrometry based characterization and quantitation for solving problems related to small molecules. Expert in chromatographic method development and validation using HPLC (UV/MS) and GC. Proven record in polymorph characterization.

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