Developing the Process

Occasionally,  I have reservations about posting some of the articles I present.  Sometimes,  they may not be too practical,  I don’t endorse it as an article that you should try to scale-up.  But I get excited about these findings and want to share, especially when there is a green, environmental angle.  I am trying to suggest some articles that are worth looking at.  Having written a bit of a disclaimer,  I thought this was a neat paper using water at elevated temperatures.  Although this was done on small scale, could it be used for industrial scale ?  I was thinking that using water at high temperature would have require enormous heating and cooling requirements. You would have to test the chemical stability of your substrate when using WET (water at elevated temperatures).   It, still, is an interesting read (at least to me).  What seems really neat is the ability to tune…

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About jayanrappai

An inquisitive analytical scientist with >10 years of industrial experience in Chemical and pharmaceutical field and proven ability to advance drug discovery and drug development projects. Strong expertise in mass spectrometry based characterization and quantitation for solving problems related to small molecules. Expert in chromatographic method development and validation using HPLC (UV/MS) and GC. Proven record in polymorph characterization.

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