Developing the Process

I came across this article in JACS recently.  I remember using chlorine gas myself and being a little trepidacious with it.  It is a nasty gas to deal with.  I had to remember to clean out the regulator after every use so it didn’t corrode and make it difficult to close at the most inopportune time.  I used thionyl chloride a lot and that had a tendency to wreak havoc on my Rotovap at the time.  Not nice stuff.  Anyways.

What caught my eye with this article was that it was written by Phil Baran at Scripps and Martin Eastgate at Bristol-Myers Squibb in Chem. Dev., so it was worth a gander to take a look and see if this paper was a keeper for later use.  The article I am referring to is “Palau’chlor: A Practical and Reactive Chlorinating Reagent”, by Phil S. Baran et al, J. Am. Chem…

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An inquisitive analytical scientist with >10 years of industrial experience in Chemical and pharmaceutical field and proven ability to advance drug discovery and drug development projects. Strong expertise in mass spectrometry based characterization and quantitation for solving problems related to small molecules. Expert in chromatographic method development and validation using HPLC (UV/MS) and GC. Proven record in polymorph characterization.

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